MOUNTING TECH IND. CO. as an excellent manufacturer and exporter in widely range of rubber products, e.g. Anti-Vibration Mountings, Rubber-to-Metal Bonded Mounts, Pads, Bushing Mounts, Molded Rubber.

Our over 30 years experience in the field has been successful solving noise and vibration control problems of the products and enjoying a good reputation in domestic and abroad.

We offer very well made products with reasonable price. We are committed to providing top quality precision products for the international market and customers’ own designs are welcome for development and production.

The experience acquired has enabled us to success respond to the problem
connected with the industry using four key qualities:

Our company has gain the ISO-9001 quality certification in August, 2001.



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The Anti-Vibration Mountings are the most basic type of rubber mountings These mountings are simple in structure and can be widely used bringing about excellent effects in prevention of vibration, shock and noise control of the machine and equipment.

Typical applications include the following types of equipment: Electric Motors; Relays; Timing Devices; Fans; Control Panels; Engine Generator Sets; Blowers; Air conditioning Equipment; Pumps; Generators; Business Machines; Appliances.

Standard elastomer is natural rubber; other polymers available to meet your requirements.The special elastomers, as well as different bolt sizes, and/or threads are available on request.